Christian Creatives

Calling Christian artists, actors or producers, graphic designers, photographers or illustrators; those in fashion, advertising, or architecture; film makers, broadcasters, creative writers, musicians, or animators.

Christian Creatives is a group of Christians working in creative industries who meet together to pray into our society, to examine our calling in the creative world and for support and stimulation.

As Christians who work in the arts and media we can often feel isolated, discouraged and unsupported. We believe that prayer and community has an essential part to play in transforming media and arts within Northern Ireland through releasing inspired, enthusiastic and innovative Christians into these industries.

The group meets termly for food, support and a time to meet and pray into our creative industries in our community today.

The best way to connect with Christian Creatives is on where most of the publicity for the group is posted. If you’re not on facebook and you want to contact the organisers to find out more about Christian Creatives please contact us.