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New Irish needs your help!
Our major public concerts are just part of the ministry of New Irish Arts. We also perform smaller concerts for local churches and charities, broadcast on TV and radio, record CDs and facilitate events for other organisations. Looking ahead, we’re keen to increase our work in schools, offer more training to local churches and extend our ministry in the Republic of Ireland. We’re also currently working on some exciting plans to connect better with a younger generation.

We do all of this because we believe our gifts should be used for God’s kingdom. Whether we’re working with longstanding Christians or people who know nothing of God, we want to point people to God and help them to worship Him wholeheartedly. We can do this whether we’re on TV, in a recording studio or working quietly with an inner city community.

You can help by keeping informed and praying for our ministry. You can sign up for newsletters by filling out the form opposite and keep in touch with all that’s going on. We hold prayer meetings every couple of months, and we’d love to see you attend one of those.
We also need financial help as we seek to expand our ministry. Small regular donations from our supporters are a huge encouragement.

If you feel you could help in this way, please download and return the form below. Or you can make a one-off donation by credit card below. Thank you.

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